Christmas Puddingwaffle

Christmas pudding: it’s great in small doses, after a big Christmas dinner. A little bit hard to take otherwise though, right?

Waffling seemed like an obvious step, but Christmas puddings don’t have much structural integrity, so I added some thick batter to hold them together: I used soy yoghurt, self-raising flour, breadcrumbs and a little caster sugar.

They didn’t hold together as well as I might have hoped, but I have no other complaints.

This worked really, really well, served with yoghurt. The mild, crunchy batter sets off the soft, sweet intensity of the pudding itself.

Might try deep-frying the next one.

Waffled Aubergine

Yes, you can waffle an aubergine.

No, that doesn’t make it a waffle. I checked.

I took approximately two thirds of an aubergine, divided it in two and slightly oiled each side.

You could probably fit an aubergine sliced in three, with a bit of work.
Turned over halfway through.
I thought it was cute how they stuck to the top iron.
Very slightly charred. Nearly perfect. Served with teriyaki sauce and rice, but good just on their own, too. Might serve with tahini sauce next time.

I love a good aubergine dish, and this was a good aubergine dish. Recommended.

This waffle experiment was suggested by Hannah Werdmuller. Thanks Hannah!

Waffled Doughnuts

Got some doughnuts from Margiotta’s that turned out to be a bit stale. Naturally, my first thought was that even if they failed as doughnuts, they might yet succeed as waffles.

I smeared them in margarine, for lubrication and better thermal contact.

They were certainly much improved by the waffling, but they were a little on the dry side. Fortunately it was a pack of five, so I was able to improve on the second batch of doughfles by first steaming them, with some water in the bottom of the waffle iron and the lid mostly closed. I also sprinkled a little icing sugar on top at the end.

This did the trick.

Tofuwaffle 2.0

After my first experiment with waffling tofu, I concluded that it had too little of anything but protein to really brown satisfyingly, so next time I mixed it with panko bread crumbs and just a little bit of oat milk.

This worked beautifully. The dark specks are just a bit of leftover chocolate from a chocolate chip waffle.

Can recommend. I’m going to try it with soft tofu now, and have it with chips and curry sauce.

Waffled Plantain

I just took a whole slightly overripe plantain, scooped out a little bit that had got bruised, and waffled it.

It did the same thing a banana did when I waffled it in breadcrumbs, and divided into two halves, quite neatly stuck to each side of the waffle iron.

Sightly inconvenient, but once I’d eased it out with a chopstick it proved to be very nicely browned.

I served it with a little salt and some margarine melted on top.

Verdict: good breakfast; beautifully caramelised, unusually sweet for a plantain. Unlikely to be considered a waffle by an impartial observer.

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