Waffled Parsnips

I admit, I was only 90% sure this would work.

I left the parsnips in the partially closed iron for a while to soften. Added a splash of Chinese vinegar and a little water to encourage them.

Carefully weighted the lid down while I waited for them to soften a bit more.

Once they were quite soft and just sightly brown, I brushed them with oil.

I closed the waffle iron on the third attempt, and let it until it smelt good.

Verdict: probably not a waffle. Definitely well-cooked parsnips.


I stuck some breadcrumbs to a banana using soy yoghurt.

I’ll admit, I was ready to declare it Definitely Not A Waffle when it came out looking like this…

With a bit of persuasion though…

It turns out to resemble a waffle after all!

7/10, would waffle again. Might add spicing and cook for a slightly shorter time next time.

Must try this with plantain.

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